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We are Ahmedabad’s finest Fitness boutique where expert Sports Physiotherapists and Fitness Coaches come together to form new rules of Fitness.

From Loaded Movement Training to HIIT, 3D Fusion Fitness to Crossfit, Unique Group Workouts to Dance,Yoga & beyond, we are here to change the future of Fitness & Health in a dynamic and energetic space that inspires sweat. We are sure you will be addicted to your workout with us.

Mission Health is India's first ever finest and most advanced chain of ' Fitness - Rehab Centre ' spindled with outstanding expert team of more than 220 Sports Physiotherapists and Fitness Coaches, to revolutionize Fitness & Health. We also launched India’s first Medical Gym. Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscles, get transformed, recover from an injury, or manage a chronic medical condition, we can help.

So what’s different? You exercise under expert Sports Physiotherapists. No Trainers, No Instructors! Just expert Sports Physiotherapists & Fitness Coaches!

Established in 2007, Mission Health has grown to over 9 state of art Physiotherapy, Fitness & Rehab Centers. An innovative, revolutionary, industry-leading approach to Physiotherapy, Fitness & Rehab has put Mission Health in a league of its own.

During these 16 years of our journey, we have guided thousands of people in improving their Fitness level, gain desired shape, enhancing athletic performance of injury prevention, reducing risk stratification and turning stumbling blocks into building blocks for healthier future. Every day we guide 2000 Clients towards a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Discipline, commitment and hard work will help you to achieve your goal. Be regular in your exercise schedule and we commit to serve you with the best of our expertise throughout your journey with us.


Step into Mission Health and experience a new level of Fitness with World's top-notch equipments which are as exceptional as your health journey will be!

Experience Mission Health and Start your Fitness Journey today!

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