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Varicose Veins are commonly seen among women, with around 6-7 out of 10 developing them at some point in their lifetime. They commonly appear during or after pregnancy and appear as large, swollen veins on the legs or feet that are often dark blue or purplish in color. Varicose Veins result from back flow of blood due to incompetent valves in veins and poor micro circulation.

Varicose Veins can cause various issues, ranging from mild discomfort (as in spider veins) to severe painful conditions like venous ulcers. Other symptoms, such as swelling, heaviness, fatigue, cramps, restlessness, itching, and discoloration in the legs, are also commonly seen. While more prominent in females than males, Varicose Veins may develop in any person who has to sit or stand for prolonged hours.

Unfortunately, once Varicose Veins develop, they cannot be reversed, and no medicinal cure has been discovered so far. Surgical treatments for Varicose Veins often lack long-term improvement.

However, Mission Health Vein Clinic provides a breakthrough Non-Surgical Treatment option for managing Varicose Veins!

Our rehab process

The non-surgical and painless treatment of Varicose Veins includes advanced pressure technologies, non-surgical Pain and circulation-enhancing technologies, customized exercise protocol, and prevention strategies with lifestyle modifications. This holistic Physiotherapy Program has shown remarkable results in 90% of cases, including Healing Painful Venous Ulcers without the need for any other form of treatment.

Ask Yourself

  • Have you got tired, aching, or painful legs?
  • Are your legs swollen?
  • Do you have leg pain followed by long hours of standing?
  • Have you observed greenish blue Spider Veins in your calf or legs?
  • Do you feel heaviness and fatigue in your legs?
  • Has the colour of your skin on legs changed to red, black, or brown?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you must visit us at the earliest

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Patient stories


I am Mr. Divykant Bhatt, a retired forest officer from Ahmedabad, aged 71. Suffering from calf pain, leg swelling, and skin discoloration due to varicose veins for years was burdensome. Thanks to Mission Health, their treatment provided me complete relief from pain, swelling, and improved the discoloration of my leg skin. Grateful to Mission Health for their expertise and care.

Mr. Divykant Bhatt

I suffered from varicose veins in my legs, which progressed to a painful venous ulcer on my left foot. Despite trying various treatments and medications, I saw no improvement and had nearly given up hope of finding a cure. One day, I came across an advertisement for Mission Health, India's first non-surgical vein clinic. I consulted with Dr. Disha Shah at Mission Health, who thoroughly explained my condition and the available non-surgical treatment options. Following her advice, I underwent a regimen of pressure technologies, non-surgical point LASER therapy, and other physiotherapy treatments, which produced remarkable results. Within 30 sessions, my ulcer healed completely, and my pain was alleviated, providing me with much-needed relief. I am grateful to the Mission Health team for providing exceptional treatment and creating a comfortable environment during my sessions. My blessings will always be with Mission Health.

Mrs. Chetna Ghoda

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