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The major block for returning to normal life after stroke or head injury is reduced ability to speak, think, communicate and swallow. It leads to an isolated and frustrated individual. Other higher functions of the brain like memory, logical reasoning, perception, planning, decision making, etc. are also affected following disease or injury affecting the brain. These are essential skills for living a normal and fulfilling life.

Thankfully, the Speak and Think Ability Clinic® offers innovative therapeutic interventions to help patients overcome these obstacles and achieve essential milestones on their path to recovery, helping them to reconnect with themselves and others. Our team of expert Speech Therapists, Psychologists, and Special Educators work tirelessly to assist patients in regaining their abilities to talk, listen, interpret emotions, convey thoughts and feelings through gestures, and reorient themselves to time, place, and person.



Neurologic conditions affecting the brain can also impact the oromotor structures used in speaking, breathing, eating, chewing, swallowing, and articulation. However, the Speak and Think Ability Clinic® is fully equipped with the latest therapeutic technologies and scientific sessions necessary to explore neuroplasticity and enhance recovery. By focusing on the recovery of the fundamental functions of the human brain, such as communication, thinking, memory, learning abilities and information processing, we strive to help patients regain their ability to lead normal lives. We help you achieve the milestones of ability that matter to you.

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