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You may have heard the saying "We bear the burden of responsibility on our Shoulders," but often, taking care of our own health is not a top priority. However, it's important to recognize the crucial role our Shoulder Joints play in our body's functions by analyzing our daily routine.

At Mission Health Shoulder Clinic, we specialize in providing expert comprehensive Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services to address a range of shoulder concerns. We take pride in offering highly personalized one-on-one treatment and care for all types of Shoulder conditions, with tailor-made treatment plans to each patient's Specific needs.

Trust us to help you bid farewell to Shoulder Pain forever. Visit Mission Health to get your Shoulder treated today.

Our rehab process

Our treatment protocols focus on reducing pain and inflammation through advanced non-surgical pain relief technologies, mobilization strategies, customized exercise protocol, bio-mechanical corrections, ergonomics, and home exercise programs, thereby targeting full pain free range of Shoulder movements in daily activities.

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Advanced pain relief technology

Ask Yourself

  • Do you get difficulty in wearing a T-shirt or a saree?
  • Do you face difficulty in combing your hairs?
  • Is cleaning your back a difficult task for you?
  • Is it difficult for you to reach to your back pocket?
  • Does your shoulder hurt when you lift your arm?
  • Do you fear of your shoulder popping out while doing any shoulder movement?
  • Does your shoulder give you painful sleepless nights?
  • Have you gone through a shoulder surgery?
  • Have you got your shoulder injected?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you must visit us at the earliest

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Patient stories

I am 57 years old and have been suffering from Left Shoulder joint pain and restricted movement form the past 6 months. It had become difficult for me to perform everyday activities like dressing, driving, lifting weights, and doing household chores. I was recommended to undergo the advanced Shoulder Joint Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Program at Mission Health. After 17 sessions of the program, I am completely pain-free and able to perform all my daily activities comfortably. The program was very effective and helped me regain my shoulder movement and strength.

The team at Mission Health is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and they ensured my comfort throughout the rehabilitation process. I highly recommend Mission Health to anyone who is struggling with Shoulder pain or mobility issues. Thank you, Mission Health, for your excellent treatment and support.

Mrs. Pratiiti Mehta

Sulpak Kapadia

I am delighted to share my experience with Mission Health. I had been suffering from severe pain in my left shoulder joint for quite a long time, which made it extremely challenging for me to perform daily activities like driving, wearing clothes & combing hair. I decided to seek help from Mission Health, hoping to find relief from my frozen shoulder condition. I underwent their Advance Shoulder Physiotherapy Rehabilitation program, which lasted for one and a half months. From the very beginning, I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the staff at Mission Health.

I am now pain-free and extremely satisfied with the results of the treatment delivered by Mission Health. The entire experience has been nothing short of excellent. The staff at Mission Health are not only highly skilled professionals but also compassionate individuals who genuinely care about their patients' well-being.

Mr. Sulpak Kapadia

Businessman , Ahmedabad

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