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The evolution of Robotics in Rehabilitation has brought significant advancements and improvements to the rehab field, revolutionizing the way rehab treatments are delivered and patient outcomes achieved.

Robotics has opened up new possibilities for individuals with various neurological /orthopedic conditions, enabling them to regain or enhance their functional abilities in ways that were previously unimaginable.

We take pride to be the first ones to introduce Robotics in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in India. With the launch of our Centre of Excellence, we introduced best combinations of Rehab Robotics from around the globe, which are best in their forms and result-oriented.

Time spent in Neuro Rehabilitation and quality + repetition of functional tasks are the key factors in determining the patient’s functional recovery post neurological insults. Early mobility, ambulation and verticalization is also the most important factor to boosts recovery in these patients. With the advent of Robotics in Rehabilitation all of these can be achieved!


Advantages of Robotics in Rehabilitation

Increased Intensity & Duration of Therapy

Robotics allow for longer and more intensive therapy sessions compared to conventional therapy. The treatment sessions can continue for extended periods without causing fatigue or compromising safety. The increased intensity and duration of treatment sessions promote neural plasticity and enhance motor recovery.

Early Intervention

Patients can be made to walk or use their arms/hands even with zero muscle power during early phases post injury, Early mobility, ambulation and verticalization is very crucial aspect for neural recovery.

Physiological & Repetitive Movements

Robots provide precise, most physiological and controlled movements, ensuring consistency and accuracy during treatment sessions.

It can deliver repetitive movements that are essential for promoting neuroplasticity and motor relearning. High number of repetitions and accuracy is difficult to achieve with manual therapy alone.

Individualized & Adaptive Treatment

Robots can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual patients. They offer adjustable parameters such as ROM, Resistance, Speed, Trajectory and assistance levels which allows the therapists to tailor therapy to each patient’s abilities and progression. Hence the treatment sessions can be made challenging yet achievable, thereby optimizing the therapeutic benefits.

Real-time Performance Feedback and Monitoring

The most important factor in movement recovery is patients’ contribution in generating movements. Robots provide real-time feedback on patients’ performance, engaging them in the treatment process, allowing them to visualize their efforts and progress, thus motivating and interacting with them. This completes the entire sensory-motor circuit required for generating functional movements.

Objective Assessment and Progress Tracking

Robotics provide objective measurements and data on patients performance, allowing for accurate assessment of progress over time. Objective assessment tools enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of therapy by guiding evidence-based decision-making.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

Robot-assisted therapy can have a positive psychological and emotional effects on patients. The sense of empowerment and accomplishment of task derived during robot-assisted treatment sessions, that were previously challenging or impossible, can boost patients’ confidence and motivation. Also, the social interaction and engagement facilitated by robotics contribute to overall well-being and a sense of community.

Hence Robotics in Neuro Rehabilitation contribute to more effective, efficient and patient-centered treatment. By utilizing these technologies with hands-on neuro rehabilitation, therapists can optimize outcomes, enhance recovery, and improve the overall quality of life for individuals with neurological conditions as wells as other musculoskeletal conditions.

We have best combination of Robotics very effective in
Neuro & Ortho Rehabilitation process. Have a look at the videos below.


Legs and walking Robotics


Arm and Hand Robotics


Hand and finger robotics


Pediatric Lokomat®