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50-Year-Old housewife from Vadodara overcomes bedridden state after spine surgery, achieves independent walking in merely 3 months through Neuro Robotics Physiotherapy at Mission Health

05 Mar, 2023

Its all about 50 years old house wife Mrs.Sunita Kaushik from Vadodara, whose life has undergone an unforeseen transformation challenging at every step in her journey from bedridden to walking.

Sunitaben underwent spine surgery to relieve her severe back pain and leg numbness, but instead of finding relief, she became bedridden with paralyzed legs. Her family was deeply worried about her condition and searched for a solution to restore her independence and happiness. It was during this challenging time that her neurologist suggested a glimmer of hope—a revolutionary treatment at Mission Health using advanced Neuro Robotics and Neuro Physiotherapy.

1st Day At Mission Health

Legs and Walking Robotics At Mission Health

Filled with renewed hope, Sunitaben embarked on a journey to Mission Health Ability Clinic, where a team of caring professionals awaited her. Team MH understood her challenges and created a personalized treatment plan just for her. In just ten days of intensive treatment using Neuro Robotics and Neuro Physiotherapy, she achieved a major breakthrough—she could sit independently once again. This small victory fueled her determination and reignited her hope.

Within 30 days, she accomplished what seemed impossible—she stood on her own feet without any assistance. The joy on her face brought tears of happiness to her family's eyes as they witnessed her miraculous transformation.

But Sunitaben didn't stop there. With unwavering determination, she embraced the challenges and, in just two months, took her first steps with the help of a walking stick. The team Mission Health stood in awe of her progress, recognizing her as a true warrior on her journey to recovery.

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Her journey wasn't over yet. With the support of her family and the immense inputs of Mission Health's experts, she continued to persevere. And then, in just three months, an incredible miracle happened—she regained her ability to walk independently. The joy in her heart knew no bounds as she took confident steps and experienced the freedom she had longed for. Her family was overwhelmed with gratitude for Mission Health and the exceptional care they received from Mission Health Team. Laughter once again filled their home as the housewife celebrated her newfound independence and the restoration of her quality of life.

This remarkable journey showcases the trans-formative power of Mission Health's advanced Neuro Robotics treatment. Through dedication, cutting-edge facilities, and compassionate care, Mission Health have changed countless lives. The housewife stands as a shining example of the human spirit's resilience and the miracles that can be achieved with advanced Neurorobotics Physiotherapy.

With heartfelt appreciation, Sunitaben and her family express their deepest gratitude to Mission Health for helping them rewrite their story and giving them a future full of possibilities. Their story serves as an inspiration, reminding us all that even in the darkest times, there is hope and healing to be found!!

Independent walking on 3rd month of Treatment