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As individuals transition from childhood to adulthood, they develop certain habits and routines that they follow. One of these habits is bad posture, which can be caused by either repetitive stress or postural faults.

Repetitive stress happens when the body repeatedly performs actions that lead to tension in the fascia and muscles, resulting in misalignment of the body.

Postural faults occur when an individual adopts the wrong posture or lacks awareness of his or her body, which may have been ingrained from a young age.

Posture is a commonly discussed topic in relation to chronic pain problems, but it is often difficult to change in reality. There are various postural changes that can occur throughout the body, such as in the shoulders, head, neck, lumbar spine, hip, knee, and ankle, which can result in pain issues and poor body alignment. Additionally, the source of pain may not necessarily be where symptoms manifest, but rather present in other areas of the body.

The treatment for different types of postural mal-alignments depends on the underlying cause. Postural breakdown is prevalent because it requires significant effort to correct and precise identification of the affected region and its reason. Thorough inspection is crucial in determining the course of corrective measures.

Our rehab process

The Mission Health Posture Studio specializes in identifying posture-related issues and providing customized solutions through expert physiotherapists. Our approach involves re-learning a new sequence of skills, coordinating the body, and aligning our posture correctly. This requires unlearning any previously established bad habits and retraining neuromotor control to retain the new posture.

To achieve postural re-education, we use various tools at the Mission Health Posture Studio, including visual observation, posture grid mirrors, digital imaging, and more. We also provide personalized exercise programs that target the neuromusculoskeletal aspect of postural re-education, ensuring effective correction.

Say goodbye to bad posture by visiting the Mission Health Posture Studio.

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3D Spine Assessment

Ask Yourself

  • Have you noticed any changes in your posture over time?
  • Have you noticed any specific activities or positions that worsen your posture or cause pain?
  • Has your spine started to bend forward?
  • Do you experience fatigue or a feeling of tiredness frequently throughout the day?
  • Do you spend a significant amount of time sitting or standing for work or other activities?
  • Do you have rounded shoulders or hunching?
  • Do you have recurrent episodes of neck and back pain?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you must visit us at the earliest

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