Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

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To fully regain normal function after Surgeries like total knee replacement, total hip replacement, post fracture, ligament reconstructions, tendon repairs etc.or a serious injury, it's crucial to follow each step of a personalized exercise protocol. This includes gradually returning to work, social life, recreational activities, and competitive sports. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation aims to restore physical performance to Pre-surgery/injury levels, and our expert physiotherapists provide one-on-one treatment sessions to closely monitor patient progress. Exercise progression is determined based on patient response and surgeon recommendations, with regular communication to ensure optimal recovery that matches the rate of tissue healing.

It is highly important to undergo post-surgical rehabilitation after your surgery to ensure optimal functional recovery. Failure to do so may result in unexpected outcomes from the surgery. It missed or not done under guidance of experienced Physiotherapists, it may alter the results of surgery and leave patient disabled to varied extents.

Achieving 100% recovery is crucial for leading a fulfilling life, and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation can make the difference between a 99% and a 100% Recovery.

Our rehab process

Mission Health's proficient Physiotherapists facilitate patients in achieving their utmost potential after any surgical procedure by conducting constant assessments, utilizing advanced electrotherapeutics, prescribing suitable exercises, and adhering to safety guidelines.

Patient involvement in the Rehabilitation Process is vital. During the initial Post-Surgical visit, therapy objectives will be established and any necessary Post-Surgical Precautions will be reviewed with the patient. Furthermore, a home exercise program will be prescribed to allow patients to continue making progress outside of therapy sessions.

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  • Have you undergone Knee Replacement Surgery and still struggling with knee issues?
  • Is your Hip Replaced and you still have limp while walking?
  • Have you undergone surgery for shoulder and still have difficulty in lifting your arm?
  • Have you undergone Arthroscopic Surgery for your Knee Ligament injury?
  • Have you had undergone ACL reconstruction surgery and are still struggling to return to the game?
  • Are you suffering from Urinary Leakage after prostectomy?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you must visit us at the earliest

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Patient stories

I underwent ACL Reconstruction surgery and subsequently sought treatment at Mission Health. From the moment I met the team, I felt confident that I had made the right decision. They provided me with a customized rehabilitation program, which I found to be highly effective. I particularly appreciated the personalized approach in creating a High-Intensity Recovery Plan tailored to my needs. The Clinic has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which added to my overall positive experience. Thanks to the Mission Health Team, my knee is now Pain-free, stronger, and possibly even more resilient than before the surgery.

Ms. Bhavika Thakkar

Leading Professional

I am extremely grateful to Mission Health for giving me my life back. After two failed left knee surgeries, I was left in excruciating pain, unable to walk, and ultimately wheelchair-bound. However, after just 40 sessions of treatment, I saw a remarkable improvement in my condition. Thanks to the expert care and attention I received at Mission Health, I can now walk pain-free and even drive a car again. I cannot thank them enough for their exceptional service and life-changing results.

Mr. Anilkumar Bhootra

Businessman( Ahmedabad)

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