Legs & Walking Ability Clinic®

YES, You can WALK AGAIN after Paralysis

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Legs & Walking Ability Clinic®

The Legs & Walking Ability Clinic® at Mission Health is designed for patients suffering from neurological conditions affecting lower-body function due to brain or spinal cord injury and diseases of the nerves, muscles and bones. The Goal is to make the patient WALK AGAIN!

Our expert team of Neuro Physiotherapists work on enhancing trunk, pelvic, leg function, dissociation, movement facilitation & balance re-education, all targeted to make the patient achieve ability to walk again.

We apply latest and evidence based protocols in the Legs & Walking Ability Clinic® which encompasses walking through application of best of the (Lokomat® Pro Sensation) Rehab Robotics, Neuro Rehab technologies, advanced Neuro Rehabilitation, orthotics, pharmacology & other treatments specific to neurological conditions- which all together work towards the fastest possible and miraculous results in recovery of movement and function which enhances standing & walking ability of patients.

With conventional methods, providing highly intensive gait rehabilitation to severely impaired patients is a huge challenge.

Limitations of Conventional Gait Rehabilitation

Limitations of Conventional Gait Rehabilitation

  • 2-3 Physiotherapists are required to provide guidance and support.
  • High repetitions of Gait cycle is not possible.
  • Quality & precision of walking is grossly missing.
  • Patient not engaged during the treatment
  • No performance feedback

Advantages of Robotic Gait Rehabilitation

The Lokomat® Pro Sensation is the world’s leading robotic medical walking device intended to enable intensive rehabilitative gait therapy in adult and paediatric patients with severe to moderate impairments in walking abilities and functional mobility.

Effective Gait Training

Robot-assisted therapy revolutionizes rehabilitation by enabling intensive training with a high number of task-specific repetitions. This promotes neuroplasticity and improves functional outcomes, offering precision, consistency, and data-driven insights for enhanced recovery.

Most Physiological Gait

Legs and walking robotics can make patient walk even with zero muscle power in the most physiological pattern for early recovery.

The Lokomat® Pro Sensation provides most normal walking pattern, natural weight bearing, afferent sensory feedback and physiological vertical displacement during the complete walking cycle.

Augmented Performance Feedback

Its virtual reality based games which is also known as Augmented Performance Feedback engages, challenges and motivates the patient to put more efforts while walking with the Robot. The Patients can FEEL, SEE AND HEAR their performance thereby ensuring active participation from the patient throughout the treatment which is very important for faster recovery from paralysis.

Feel –Intelligent Algorithms

It can create motivating customized challenges and allow patients to experience their performance. Intelligent algorithms automatically adapt the therapy parameters according to the performance. Therefore, patients feel the changing difficulty level and remain challenged.

Hear – Music and Audio Feedback

Music synced with therapy to boost motivation and engagement which allows patients to hear their performance.

See – Virtual Reality Based Games & Personalized Training

With Robots at the forefront, patients can embark on a transformative experience that unveils the true potential of their functional capabilities. These robotics provide an innovative platform to observe and analyse patient's progress in real time, offering invaluable insights into their rehabilitation journey.

Along with Lokomat® Pro Sensation many other Robotic Devices like Knee and Ankle Robotics, Anti-Gravity Suspension devices and other Neuro Rehab Technologies makes The Legs and Walking Ability Clinic® at Mission Health, one of the most promising rehab set-up to learn Walking Again!

Conventional Gait Rehabilitation VS Rehabilitation with
Lokomat® Pro Sensation

Yes You Can Walk Again After Paralysis


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