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Geriatric Rehabilitation

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As humans, one of our defining characteristics is the inevitability of our mortality. We all face the prospect of leaving this Earth at some point in our lives, and with aging comes a host of challenges and obstacles that can make maintaining our well-being a difficult task. As we age, we experience numerous physical, psychological, and emotional changes that can impact our overall level of physical function and health.

For Geriatric individuals, these challenges are particularly pronounced, often manifesting as joint pain, balance issues, cognitive impairments, depression, and difficulties with vision, hearing, and speech. To address these concerns, Mission Health provides specialized Geriatric Rehabilitation services that promote functional independence and overall well-being.

Mission Health has also introduced an innovative concept known as the "Dada Dadi Club," aimed at encouraging elderly men and women to stay active, exercise, and socialize. This club not only provides health benefits but also serves as a platform for socializing, relaxation, and refreshment. Our Geriatric Rehabilitation program is designed to help all aging individuals become more energetic and healthier, including dadas and dadis.

At our Anti-Aging Fitness Club, we believe that age should never be a barrier to achieve optimal health and well-being. We are dedicated to empower older adults to live their lives to the fullest and prove that staying fit and active is possible at any age.

Our rehab process

The components of Geriatric Rehabilitation include exercises to prevent joint pain and muscle weakness, balance training, cardiopulmonary conditioning, nutrition, ergonomics, lifestyle modification, pranayama, and meditation. Proprioceptive training, which focuses on fall prevention and promoting maximum functional independence, is a central component of Geriatric Rehabilitation.

Patient stories

Ageing is a natural process of life. With my increasing age, I started facing problems with the movements of my limbs and I had balance issues with on and off falls. I went to Mission Health with my problems. They carried out Geriatric Rehabilitation Program with me who included warm up activities, Muscles Conditioning Program, Proprioceptive Rehab, exercises to improve Flexibility and Coordination and Breathing Exercises. It helped me out in a fantastic manner in addressing my balance problems and the frequency of falls have reduced considerably. The team does a wonderful job.

Mr. Haku Shah


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