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As we go about our daily lives, our elbows often go unnoticed, working tirelessly to facilitate our movements and provide the stability necessary for the execution of many tasks. Yet the elbow joint is an intricate and an elegant structure that deserves recognition for its remarkable function.

Despite, its crucial function the elbow is not immune to injury or dysfunction. From repetitive strain injuries to traumatic fracture, elbow conditions can significantly impact your quality of life. However, with proper care and treatment, many elbow conditions can be effectively managed, allowing us to continue to appreciate the functionality of this joint.

Our Elbow Rehabilitation Program comprises of thorough evaluation of the patients’ conditions, including an assessment of range of motion, strength and any areas of pain and discomfort. Based on this assessment, a customized program is tailored to the patients’ needs and goals.

Technologies we use


Shockwave therapy

Our rehab process

We offer a Comprehensive approach to treat Elbow Pain that begins with a thorough clinical and objective assessment of the Elbow Joint, allowing us to establish an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause. Our treatment programs incorporate the latest in advanced technologies and rehabilitation techniques, providing a 360-degree approach for Elbow Rehab targeting movements, strength, endurance, and home exercise program to achieve fastest and long-lasting results for our patients.

Ask Yourself

  • Does your Elbow pains while wiping activities?
  • Do you feel pain while resting your Elbow on table or bench?
  • Does Your Elbow hurt while playing Tennis?
  • Does your Elbow pains while playing Golf?
  • Do you get writing difficulties because of Elbow pain?
  • Do you feel stiffed Elbow followed by elbow surgery?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you must visit us at the earliest

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Patient stories

I cannot speak highly enough of Mission Health team! For 3 long months, my tennis elbow hindered my daily activities, and local physiotherapy treatments proved ineffective. Thankfully, upon my wife's recommendation, I sought treatment at Mission Health. In just 12 sessions, I experienced incredible relief and regained full functionality of my elbow. The top-notch care, innovative approach, and advanced technologies surpassed my expectations. I am absolutely delighted with the Mission Health team and their exceptional approach!

Dr. Satin Desai (73years)

Writer and Poet, Ahmedabad
Mr. Chirag Shah

I am thrilled to share my experience with Mission Health during my recent visit. When I came to Mission Health, I had initially planned to undergo a routine check-up. However, I ended up staying for six days due to the remarkable progress I witnessed in such a short period. For over a month and a half, I had been struggling with an issue in my elbow, and despite my efforts, I had lost hope of ever fully recovering. I had come to accept the limitations I faced with my elbow's range of motion. However, my time at Mission Health has completely rejuvenated my outlook. In just six days, I experienced a level of improvement that surpassed anything I had achieved in the past. Mission Health's dedicated team and their personalized approach to my condition have reignited my determination to work harder towards my recovery. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire team at Mission Health for their unwavering support and expertise.

Mr. Chirag Shah

Businessman, kolkatta

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