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Technologies at Mission Health

Technology plays a crucial role in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation process. It has made the recovery faster, promising & has made milestones which were once thought impossible, achievable. It can create wonders and enhance patient’s ability to great extents and give them their deserved quality of life.

Mission Health is a loaded with all the latest & evidence based technological advances which patients need in their recovery process. We believe in providing ultimate in Physiotherapy & Rehab services to our patients, which is possible by making available all the latest advancements necessary in their treatment at Mission Health.

Our Ortho Rehabilitation set up is equipped with all the latest Non-Surgical Pain Management Technologies from different parts of the world like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Finland & Hongkong.

It includes wide range of Non-Surgical LASER Technologies, both Class 3B and Class IV LASERS, known to give effective and fastest relief in any kind of neuromusculoskeletal pain without medications & surgery. Selective Tissue Regeneration & Microcirculation enhancing technologies also plays a critical role in giving dramatic results to our patients.

The 3D Non-Surgical Spine Decompression Technology promises to treat any kind of Neck Pain, Low Back Pain & Sciatica, without surgery and injections. Other Tissue Remodelling Technologies like TECAR & Shock-Wave also proves very effective in certain chronic painful conditions. We have introduced India’s first Sports Rehabilitation Technology Huber 360, gives ultimate results in injury prevention and rehabilitation after Sports Injury.

Neurological Rehabilitation set up at Mission Health has World’s best & Most advanced combination of Robotic Technologies first time in India like Hand of Hope – The Hand Robot, Armeo Spring- The Shoulder and Arm Robot, LOKOMAT – The Leg ROBOT and other assistive robotic and biofeedback technologies from Switzerland & Hongkong, making it finest and most advanced Neuro Rehabilitation Set up in the world.

Trust your care to experts and let’s together make your recovery remarkable.

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The Leg Robot

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Armeo Spring®

The Shoulder & Arm Robot

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Hand of Hope®

The Hand Robot

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Huber 360®

World's topnotch Sports Rehabilitation Technology

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Theal Therapy®

Technology with infinite possibilities

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3D Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Spine Rehab

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