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Sports Rehabilitation is one of the missed opportunities in major parts of India and many other countries. The player after getting injured, undergoes medico-surgical treatment and basic Physiotherapy and once he is painfree, he goes back to the ground, only to re-injure himself. This is because he has not been guided to undergo advanced Sports Rehabilitation.

Sportspersons and recreational sports enthusiasts put themselves through rigorous physical training to prepare themselves for the field. When coupled with their on-field activities, they run a high-risk of injuries. The Mission Health Sports Rehabilitation Centre provides customized rehab programs to sportspersons, as well as, sports enthusiasts battling sports-related injuries.

A comprehensive approach is imperative when it comes to rehabilitation post injury; one which targets Neuromotor function and Biomechanics. We employ effective strategies for the evaluation and treatment of patients. It is not uncommon for patients to want to resume their sports training post an injury.

We, at Mission Health, strive to help our patients restart their training, and/or regain normal function, by the quickest and safest means possible. We put emphasis on gradual rehabilitation, the lack of which, can lead to damaging neuromuscular consequences and increase risk of recurring injuries.

Equipped with in-depth knowledge and expertise in biomechanics & pathomechanics as well as sports physiology, our Sports Physiotherapists outline Specialized Rehab Programs, in accordance with needs of patients. This step is crucial, since the rehabilitation process needs to be tailor made as per the degree of injury, clinical condition of the patient and type of the game involved. After the advanced Sports Rehabilitation, the player is put through comprehensive Sports Conditioning Program before he goes back to the field.

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Introduces HUBER® 360 from France, for the ultimate Sports Rehabilitation and getting the player back to his/her game again.

It is an innovative solution that can improve neuromuscular control and overall performance by training the four fundamentals of movement: posture and balance, flexibility and mobility, resistance and dynamic reinforcement. The device offers targeted exercises to increase the user's range of motion, coordination of movements, strength, resistance and balance. Training with Huber 360 also improves the user's BMI and cardiovascular health. Sports Rehabilitation can be considered incomplete without training on this technology.

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