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11 Years, More than 30000 Spine Patients treated successfully.

Neck Pain & Low Back Pain are the most burning problems in today’s society with sedentary lifestyle. Out of the total number of cases reported, a lesser percentage is accounted for upper back or neck pain with Low Back Pain being commonest. A global analysis shows that back pain is a leading cause (4th major cause) of Years Lived with Disability (YLDs).

According to a research study, 60-80% adults are bound to suffer from back problems at some point in their lives. Any person who sits in office/travelling for more than 2 hours at a stretch is bound to suffer from Back Pain if not today than tomorrow. Standing for long time also creates Back Issues. On the sudden rise is Neck Pain and Arm Pain (Cervical Radiculopathy) due to excessive use of Cell Phones, I-pads and other gadgets.

Most of Back Pain and Neck Pain cases can be treated with non-surgical advanced Physiotherapy. You may be surprised to know that hardly 2% -3% of Back Pain patients may require surgery in cases of trauma, infection, metastasis, congenital spine issues, etc. 98% patients can be managed and treated conservatively but the scenario we see is totally opposite.

We have helped thousands of Back Pain sufferers and helped them regain pain free life without surgery. Whether you suffer from Herniated or Bulging Discs, Sciatica, Stiffness, Shooting Pain, Restricted Motion or Chronic Back Pain, Neck Pain, Arm Pain, Upper Back Pain, we can help.

We are India’s first ever Super Speciality Spine Clinic, launched in 2007 and have successfully prevented more than 25000 Spine Surgeries till date.

We at Mission Health Super Speciality Spine Clinic, have launched newest and finest technologies and expertise from different parts of the world for treating Mechanical Low Back and Neck Pain, the commonest of all pain complaints.

We find the root cause of Neck/Back Pain which may be Spinal Discs, Facet Joints, Vertebrae, Soft Tissue structures around the Spine like ligaments, muscles, fascia, or postural faults and then treat the root cause of your symptoms, giving long term and promising results.

The patients first undergo a 3D Spine Assessment with “Spinal Mouse”. Spinal Mouse ® is a device that, combined with a computer program (PC), assesses the curvatures of the vertebral column without applying harmful radiation.

After performing detailed clinical and objective assessment patient is put through a individualized treatment protocol. The best of it is the Spinal Decompression System (SDS). It is a leading non-surgical alternative for treatment of Mechanical Neck pain with Arm pain, Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain from Lumbar Disc and Facet Joint Pathology. One of the major advantages of SDS is that it doesn’t present any risks associated with surgery, injections or anaesthesia. It is also helpful to patients who have had back surgery and yet, continue to experience pain.

We follow a 7-Phase Rehabilitation Protocol, which includes:

Phase 1 :  Detailed Spine Assessment with Spinal Mouse (R) which measures the curvatures of Spinal Column without harmful radiations along with Clinical Assessment.

Phase 2 : Mechanical Diagnosis – Establishing root cause of symptoms

Phase 3 : Pain Management – with latest Non-Surgical Pain Management Marvels first time in India like HIRO TT, Theal Therapy, Z7, Class 3B LASER Treatment, Combination Therapy, HVPG, Cryo Air, etc.

Phase 4 : 3D Non-surgical Decompression – Treats the root cause of symptoms

Phase 5 : McKenzie Exercises, Williams or other Manual Therapies, as required

Phase 6 : The Core Stability Exercise Program

Phase 7 : Ergonomics- Correcting body movements biomechanically

The Mission Health Super Speciality Spine Clinic strives to ease the lives of people suffering from neck and back problems and offer them hope of a better life.

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