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The major block for returning to normal life after stroke or head injury is reduced ability to speak, talk, think, & swallow. Other higher functions of the brain like memory, logical reasoning, perception, planning, decision making, etc. are also affected following disease or injury affecting the brain.

Patients often lose fundamental abilities that they need to reconnect with themselves, family, friends & professionals like ability to talk, listen, meaning of emotions or judging them, using gestures to convey thoughts & feelings, orientation to time, place, person etc.

All these are the major blocks on the road which leads to successful return to normal personal, social and professional life. At Think & Speak Ability Clinic, advanced therapeutic technologies and scientific sessions help you achieve these milestones of ability.

Neurologic Conditions affecting the brain also affects oromotor structures like muscles of jaw, tongue, lips, larynx (voice box) which are used in speaking, breathing, eating, chewing, swallowing & articulation.

Think & Speak Ability Clinic is focused on recovery of patients with the most severe conditions affecting the fundamental functions of the human brain like orientation, arousal, awareness, perception, information-processing and thinking, planning course of actions, communication, memory and learning.  

Patients suffering from these issues are put through vigorous therapeutic interventions by expert Speech Therapists, Psychologists & Special Educators. Think & Speak Ability Clinic is equipped with various technologies required in this area of rehabilitation to explore neuroplasticity, thus enhancing recovery of so very important functions crucial to living a normal life.

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