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Super Speciality SHOULDER CLINIC

Shoulder Rehabilitation like never before with the most advanced technology!

We bear the burden of responsibility on our shoulders’, is a saying all of us have heard of, but, taking stock of the condition of our own health usually doesn’t make our priority lists. In a more literal sense, we should analyze our daily routine and take time to understand the vital role our shoulder joints play in our body’s functions.

At Mission Health Shoulder Clinic, we offer expert Comprehensive Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services to patients, for a host of shoulder concerns. We pride ourselves on our highly focused expert one-on-one treatment and care meant for all types of shoulder conditions and treatments tailor-made to patients needs.

Conditions usually prevalent in patients include:

 Impingement Syndrome & Tendonitis

 Rotator Cuff Tears

 Shoulder Arthritis

 Acromioclavicular Joint Disorders

 Shoulder Dislocations

 Frozen Shoulder/ Adhesive Capsulitis

 Post Fracture or Post-Surgery Shoulder Stiffness

 Sports Injuries

Treatment protocols are targeted to pain and inflammation reduction with advanced non-surgical pain relief technologies, Manual Therapy, Strength and Endurance Conditioning, Biomechanical Corrections, Ergonomics and Home Exercise Program.

Get your Shoulder treated at Mission Health and say goodbye to Shoulder Pain forever.

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We place our patients/clients first. This is the motto which motivates us when they come to us for help. We believe in delivering ultimate Physiotherapy, Fitness & Rehab services, which are result-oriented. Excellence is our Attitude and we constantly strive to achieve these.

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