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As children grow up and enter adulthood, there are certain habits or routines which they inculcate in themselves and follow them. Bad posture is one of the things that children imbibe which, over time, becomes a habit. There is no single identifiable cause of bad posture. But, fundamentally, the causes of bad posture can be dichotomized into, either Repetitive Stress or Postural Faults.

Repetitive Stress

It manifests in the form of repeated actions that cause tension in the fascia (connective tissue beneath the skin) and muscles which, in turn, affect the alignment of the body.

Postural Faults

They arise from adopting a wrong posture or the lack of awareness of one’s body. Postural Faults that have been ingrained in an individual from a young age may also lead to bad posture.

A topic frequently discussed and implicated for chronic pain problems, posture is often much harder to change, in reality. There are a wide variety of postural changes which can occur in an individual. They may affect most areas of the body, from shoulders, head and neck to the lumbar spine, hip, knee and ankle. This may lead to pain issues and poor alignment of the body. Sometimes, the cause of pain may not be in the area where symptoms manifest but, may be prevalent in other regions of the body.

Commonly found postural abnormalities include:

 Forward Head Posture

 Relaxed Slouched Posture

 Kyphotic Posture

 Flat Back Posture

 MLordotic Posture

 Sway Back Posturee

The treatment for these different types of postural mal-alignments depends on the cause of breakdown. The reason why postural breakdown is so prevalent is that, it takes significant effort to correct it, and requires precise identification of the region where breakdown has occurred and its reason. This is imperative, since, the course of corrective regime is decided upon thorough inspection.

At the Mission Health Posture Studio, our expert physiotherapists identify the problem and provide a suitable solution accordingly. Re-learning a new sequence of skills, co-ordination & correct postural alignment often requires un-learning of previously established bad habits and retraining the neuromotor control to retain the new posture.

Mission Health Posture Studio uses a variety of tools for Postural Re-education, ranging from simple visual observation to posture grid mirror, digital imaging, among others. An individualized Posture correction exercise program targeting neuromusculoskeletal aspect of Postural Re-education is also crucial.

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