Are you a Multispeciality Hospital planning to run a well developed Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in your set up?

Do you need a team of expert Physiotherapists to run IPD, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation department of your hospital?

Do you need a consultant firm to develop a Gym in your corporate set up?

We can help you in this. Physiotherapy Management Services is a division of Mission Health, providing Consultancy and Human Resources to Government Organizations, Hospitals, Corporates.

In this division our domain includes the following:

  • We would manage the entire Out-Patient Physiotherapy department and Indoor-Patient Department of your hospital/clinic. The team of Physiotherapists would be recruited, trained and replaced by us. The training & methodology of treatment would be according to Mission Health’s standards & protocols.
  • We provide consultancy for establishing a Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation set up & making it work, with all the infrastructure, technology, interiors, team selected and recruited by us. Once the department is ready for functioning we hand it over to your management.

There are multiple options for collaboration with us under Physiotherapy Management Services (PMS) and you can contact us for further details.