“” What people say about Mission Health...”” Just a note to say Thank You... Clients Testimonials...real people with nice thing to say


“” What people say about Mission Health...”” Just a note to say Thank You... Clients Testimonials...real people with nice thing to say
Mr. Arun Shah
I had severe Back Pain and was not able to walk due to nerve trap in my Spine. I was diagnosed with Lumbar Canal Stenosis and doctors advised me surgery. In the meantime, one of my friend referred me to Dr. Aalap Shah at Mission Health. He examined me and started my treatment with Non-Surgical Decompression and relieved my trapped nerves. My Back Pain is relieved and I can walk comfortably now. Thanks to Mission Health Team for the accurate diagnosis and right treatment. Thanks a Lot!
Mr. J. T. Trivedi
Senior Advocate - Gujarat Highcourt.
The centre Mission Health is totally new & different concept in Physiotherapy. The team of Dr. Aalap Shah comprises of Physiotherapists who know their jobs well and administer the treatment with a smile. The new technology ' The Spinal Decompression System ' imported from U.S.A is the first of its kind In India. I suffered from Scoliosis, Disc problem and Stenosis and was not able to walk straight. I was bent and my self-respect was virtually lost, owing to almost irreversible scoliosis. I was treated with Spinal Decompression System and I have visibly benefited from its use. It has made me upright to marked extent. I can walk more than 20 mins now. My zest of life has been restored! I wish all success to Dr. Aalap Shah, Dr. Disha Shah & other team members.
Mrs. Anita Karwal
Mission Health has a well-researched scientific approach towards dealing with various lifestyle related ailments as well as for bringing about marked improvements in orthopedic problems. The team is extremely well-trained and is being led by a dynamic young people, Dr. Aalap Shah & Dr. Disha Shah. I wish them all the best for all their future endeavours and express gratitude for their contribution towards improving the quality of life of all the people who have had the opportunity to be taken care of by them.
Air Marshal P. K. Desai
Retd. President, Air Force Association (Gujarat Branch)
When I was referred to Mission Health on 01 March 2013 for treatment of Sciatica, I was extremely apprehensive whether I would recover from constant pain I was experiencing in my right leg for past three months. I went through 20 sessions of comprehensive Physiotherapy including Non Surgical  Spinal decompression at Mission Health. At the end of these sessions my pain was considerably reduced. I was advised to do the prescribed exercises at home & review it every week. I heartily thank Mission Health team for the treatment and care they gave me and wish them all the best for future endeavours.
Mr. Mukundray J. Mehta
Retd. Deputy Mamlatdar and Consultant – Departmental Enquiry
I was suffering from Back & Left Leg Pain since February 2011. It was very difficult to stand & walk properly. I had consulted 20 doctors for the same. They advised me for surgery. But during this period of difficulties, I was referred to Mission Health. Dr. Aalap Shah treated me with The Spinal Decompression System and other Physiotherapy treatment. I am very well within 40 days (really it is short time for me). I am 100% cured of my pain. When I came, my Spine was 45 degrees bent, but after the treatment I can walk straight. Its like a miracle for me ! I feel that Mission Health is like a home. All team members are very co-operative and kind with patients. I am really satisfied with result of treatment. I wish them all the best for future.
Dr. Manish Nagpal
Consultant V R Surgeon, Retina Foundation, Shahibaug
It has been a wonderful experience coming to this amazingly well equipped centre which not only treats patients with the most modern equipments as well as super specialized Physiotherapists but also has a wide range of Preventive health based program. I think it’s an asset to our city to have such a wide array of services offered under a single roof that too under a very clean & hygenic environment. I wish them all the best for the future.
Mr. Piyush Desai, Chairman
Wagh Bakari Tea
I had Back Pain and it has reduced to a marked extent with Specialized Physiotherapy at Mission Health. Even I suffered from Shoulder Pain and it has also been treated very well at Mission Health. I wish them all luck in their future endeavours.
Mr. Ghanshyam Thakkar
I have been suffering from Knee Pain since long. It was diagnosed for having Osteoarthritis. I came to Mission Health and was advised to undergo Physiotherapy treatment. After a long period of time, consulting many doctors here and there, I found the place (Mission Health) that could help me throughout. In the initial few sessions itself I felt much better with my pain levels. My day to day activities as well as my walking pattern has received good levels of improvements. I deliver a heartfelt thanks to the Mission Health Team for the results I got.
Mrs. Chetna Ghoda
I was suffering from Varicose Veins in my legs & the problem became so severe that I developed a painful Varicose Ulcer on my left foot. I took lots of treatments, medicine etc. but there were no results. The pain was immense & almost I had lost hope for curing it. And then one fine day I saw the hoarding of Mission Health & came to know about India's first Non-Surgical Vein Clinic. I consulted Dr. Disha Shah at Mission Health. She explained me thoroughly about my problem & non surgical treatment for the same. I took treatment sessions as per advice which included Pressure Technologies and Non Surgical point LASER along with other Physiotherapy treatment and that has created wonders for me. Within 45 sessions, the ulcer healed completely, the pain disappeared & I breathed sigh of relief. I really thank Mission Health team from the bottom of my heart for providing me the best treatment & homely atmosphere during the treatment sessions. My blessings are there with Mission Health forever.
Mr. Rajesh Shah
I am writing this letter of appreciation to share my experience of last 5 months, I had with Mission Health. Going back to September 2008, I had undergone a laser surgery on my right shoulder and was advised rest for about a month, after which I was advised Physiotherapy. At that time and of course during the exercise at Mission Health, I was always worried, that my right hand movement will be restricted and will never be normal. But thanks to Mission Health's dedicated team of Physiotherapists, as they not only paid personal attention but also followed up rigorously. The treatment given by the Shoulder Rehab has been exemplary and I am yet to come across such a loving group of Doctors. If I were to put my experience with "Mission Health" in one line, I would say:
Mission Health: Where the focus is on outcome and not just output.
Mr. Ronak Mistry
When I was referred to Mission Health Foot Clinic I was suffering from severe Left Ankle Pain because of Flat Foot. I WAS UNABLE TO STAND & WALK. My foot was mal-aligned. The experts from Mission Health Foot Clinic examined me thoroughly & prescribed me customized corrective insole in my shoes & advised me Physiotherapy. Within a month, my pain subsided. Gradually I started feeling strength in my left leg & my posture improved a lot. I was more erect & balanced. It has changed my life.Thanks to Mission Health Team!
Mr. Dinesh Nair
International Referee - FIFA
I came at Mission Health for my Rehab after ACL Reconstruction Surgery. Within 9 months time Mission Health made sure that I could do all the activities as before & get back to the field that made me pass my FIFA Fitness Test in the month of October & once again nominated as International Referee. I fell my injured leg stronger than my normal leg after Rehabilitation. Though I have fully recovered from my injury, I make sure that I attend Mission Health regularly & follow all the instructions given by doctors there. I would say Ultimate destination for Sports Injury Rehabilitation & Sports Conditioning is "Mission Health".
Miss. Bhavika Thakkar
Hi. My knee underwent ACL Reconstruction. I came to Mission Health after my surgery. As soon as I met the team here, I was sure I am at the right place. I was prescribed with a Customized Rehabilitation program. I greatly appreciate the personalized approach in developing a high intensity recovery plan. The clinic atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. I am pain free and my knee is much stronger, may be more than the normal knee. Thanks to the Mission Health Team!
Mrs. Kalavati Shah
I am suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. My joints of hand and knees became severely stiff and painful. At Mission Health they treated me with advanced pain relieving technologies to relieve pain & decrease swelling, exercises to improve flexibility and strength and reduce stress on joints. It helped me out to manage the symptoms and prevent their worsening. I am very thankful to Mission Health Team.
Mrs. Shaku ben
I had suffered from Spinal Cord Injury & my both legs were not working at all. I was not able to walk & even sit independently. I was bedridden & dependent on my family for every activity. I am taking treatment in Mission Health since 6 months in the Neuro Physiotherapy department under Dr. Disha Dave. I joined Mission Health on a wheel chair & now I am walking on my own. It's like a miracle & a dream come true for me. I come all the way from Mehmadabad to Ahmedabad - but it's worth for me as I have recovered tremendously. I wish all success to the entire Mission Health Team, especially Dr. Neha who has treated me with such love & care.
Mr.Gaurav Lathi, Father of Yajat Lathi
Our child Yajat was diagnosed for having Congenital Neuropathy after birth. We found his hand and leg movements to be abnormal and we came to a conclusion that he needed help to fix the issue. We were referred to Mission Health Multi speciality Physiotherapy centre by our doctor. The team there carried out Pediatric Rehabilitation Programme(NDT) with him. It is 2 years now and the progress that they have made is incredible. His movement patterns and play activities have improved tremendously. He walks even very well now. Their team have created a miracle. We love Mission Health!
Mr. Haku Shah
Ageing is a natural process of life. With my increasing age, I started facing problems with the movements of my limbs and I had balance issues with on and off falls. I went to Mission Health with my problems. They carried out Geriatric Rehabilitation Program with me who included warm up activities, Muscles Conditioning Program, Proprioceptive Rehab, exercises to improve Flexibility and Coordination and Breathing Exercises. It helped me out in a fantastic manner in addressing my balance problems and the frequency of falls have reduced considerably. The team does a wonderful job!
Mrs. Purvi Patel
I was always conscious due to my height (6' 2") and I had rounded back and forward neck and was bending forwards due to this. Even my Low back Posture was distorted due to that. I felt low in confidence due to my posture. I had also started getting on and off pain in my Neck and Back. I came to Mission Health and they advised me Postural Correction Program After one month of regular Physiotherapy, my pain disappeared and my posture is corrected and I feel so confident about my personality and looks. Thank You Mission Health.
Mr. Bharat Patel
I had Right sided Tennis Elbow. I was treated for the same at Mission Health with Non Surgical Point LASER. The pain level today is much down and the activities which were painful earlier have become much easier for me today. I am very thankful to the entire team who helped me out with my condition.
Hussein Jamal
Back Pain
Hope this email finds you well. This is Hussein Jamal from Kenya. I am just writing to once again say thank you very much to the team of Mission Health that gave me treatment for my Back and Neck Pain. I am feeling much better. I am doing all exercises recommended to me during my discharge. Once again a big thank you for everything.
Dinesh Shah
Neuro Rehab
I had a fall from an exercise bike & suffered spine injury few years back in USA. I underwent surgical procedure in which my spine has been fused with the help of 2 rods, 18 screws & many cages to give it stability. I was wheelchair bound & was dependent for my ADLs at that time. I have been advised to take Physiotherapy & with the help of that I started walking with walker but still maintaining balance was the major issue & injury because of repeated falls was the routine.

In year 2010, during my visit to India I visited Mission Health for first time. I was examined thoroughly by the expert. I was quite impressed by the knowledge, enthusiasm & way of explaining everything.

I started my Neuro Rehab at Mission Health. We have been given sufficient time & personal attention during the treatment throughout our stay. All the equipment's are advanced. All team members are very skillful, co-operative & kind with patients. My Physiotherapy treatment session used to last for 2 & ½ hour in which every aspect was covered.

It started showing results. By the end of 1 month, I started walking with cane. My balance improved a lot & I was much more confident while walking. I need very less support to perform my ADLs & that was a great relief!!

This time in year 2011, I came back India for a month with sole purpose of treatment at Mission Health & plan to come here every year for my rehabilitation . I’ll be happy to recommend Mission Health to any one. I wish all the best for future.
Jaya & Mahendra (Bobby) Malde
Knee & Foot Rehab
South Africa
Thank You all for the very friendly specialized treatment of Back Pain , Knee & Foot Rehab given to us at your center & made us both feel good & better. We are going back home to Kenya with good memories of the treatment & of days spent at your center. Keep up the Good Work & we wish you all the very best for future. Best wishes.
Abhishek Tiwari
3 weeks after my ACL Surgery I had trouble walking properly and had almost kissed my football dreams good bye when my family doctor gave me the best advice of my life and directed me to Mission Health for Specialized Physiotherapy- Sports Rehabilitation. I was impressed by the top class equipments and treatment provided by the adept and experienced Sports Physiotherapists. In the short period of 3 months I made startling progress and finally started Sports Specific Conditioning.

In particular I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mission Health Team. Thanks to them I walked out of Mission Health 13 kgs. lighter, more confident and immeasurably more happy and satisfied as I could play again!

Thank you, Mission Health...this is one life you have changed forever! :)