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Look At your Posture. Others Do!
Fix Your Bad Posture !

Posture Studio

Look At your Posture. Others Do!
Fix Your Bad Posture !
Do you have any of these Postures?
If Yes, you have Bad Posture!

There is no one single identifiable cause of bad posture. But fundamentally the causes of bad posture can be dichotomized into either Repetitive Stress or Postural faults.

Repetitive Stress comes in the form of repeated actions that cause tension in the fascia and muscles which will in turn affect the alignment of the body. Postural faults arise from adopting a wrong posture or the lack of awareness of your body. Postural faults which can be ingrained from a young age can also result to bad posture.

Posture is something which is frequently discussed and implicated in chronic pain problems but often much harder to change in reality.

There are a wide variety of postural changes which can occur and which can affect most areas of the body from the shoulders, head and neck, lumbar spine, hip, knee and ankle & leads to pain problems & poor alignment. Sometimes the cause of pain may not be in the area where symptoms are experienced but somewhere in other body regions.

Commonly found postural abnormalities are:

  • Forward Head Posture with poking chin & rounded shoulders
  • Relaxed Slouched Posture
  • Kyphotic Posture
  • Flat back Posture
  • Lordotic Posture
  • Sway back Posture

Treatment for these different types of postural malalignment is quite different and dependent upon the cause of breakdown. The reason postural breakdown is so prevalent is that it takes significant effort to correct it and requires precise identification of where and how the postural breakdown has occurred in order to design the most appropriate corrective regime.

At Mission Health Posture Studio, our expert Physiotherapists will identify the problem & provide solution accordingly. Re-learning a good postural alignment often requires un-learning of established bad habits and re-learning a new sequence of skills and co-ordination. We focus on fundamental requirements of,

  • Joints & Soft Tissue Flexibility
  • Postural Muscle Strength & Endurance
  • Proprioceptive Awareness

Improving joint flexibility without improving the capacity of the postural muscles to hold the alignment will likewise be futile.
Improving postural muscle strength does not involve trying to make the muscles bigger or going to the gym. It involves exercises specific to improving the ability of muscles to support body weight & to work for prolong periods of time – an essential requirement of daily living.
However, having established joint flexibility and postural muscle strength, if our proprioceptive awareness (the mind’s eye) is not tuned into postural alignment, than the appropriate motor programs (skills) will not be stimulated. Failure to achieve this third phase is a common reason for ongoing symptoms related to poor posture.

In order to achieve good posture, we need to use an integrative approach.

Mission Health Posture Studio uses a variety of tools for Postural Re-education e.g. from simple visual observation, posture grid mirror, digital imaging etc, along with an individualized exercise program targeting the neuromusculoskeletal aspect of Postural Re-education.

Our Testimonials!
Mrs. Purvi Patel

I have been suffering from myofascial pain for last two and half years. I had rounded back and forward neck and was bending forwards due to this. Even my Low back Posture was distorted due to that. I felt low in confidence due to my posture. I came to Mission Health and they advised me Postural Re-education Program. After one month of regular Physiotherapy, my pain disappeared and my posture is corrected and I feel so confident about my personality and looks. I was very skeptical when I started treatment as I had already tried Physical therapy twice before but found no improvements. But this place seems different! Entire team has done a great job in addressing my Pain & Posture issues. Thanks a lot!