Movement is Life


After suffering from any disease/pathology, 'Rehabilitation' is the only way to bring an individual back to as normal life as possible (like the one he was before the disease) improving the quality of life.

At Mission Health, we work with an individual approach, reach to the accurate diagnosis, determine the most suitable and effective individualized treatment program and ensure close cooperation with the patient.

As an organization, we invest heavily in ongoing Professional Development Programs to ensure our teams stay ahead of the latest trends and findings in Rehabilitation.

Our Physiotherapeutic services are delivered by experienced Physiotherapists specialist in different fields like Musculoskeletal, Sports, Cardiorespiratory, Neurology, Pediatrics, Women’s health etc, thus availing all “Super-Specialized Physiotherapy” available under one roof.

Evidence based latest treatment protocols modified by Specialized Physiotherapists as and when required forms the core of Super-Specialized Physiotherapy at Mission Health.