Super Specialized Physiotherapy
In our zest to be the best, we work at best of our expertise to achieve maximum possible & provide our patients with quality Physiotherapy treatment comparable to International standards.
Our Testimonials!
Mr. Arun Shah

I had severe Back Pain and was not able to walk due to nerve trap in my Spine. I was diagnosed with Lumbar Canal Stenosis and doctors advised me surgery. In the meantime, one of my friend referred me to Dr. Aalap Shah at Mission Health. He examined me and started my treatment with Non-Surgical Decompression and relieved my trapped nerves. My Back Pain is relieved and I can walk comfortably now. Thanks to Mission Health Team for the accurate diagnosis and right treatment. Thanks a Lot!
Mission Health Tips
To stay healthy at work and prevent back injuries, lift with bent knees and tight stomach and hold the weight close to your body. Standing or sitting tall not only improves your breathing and prevents pain but you'll look and feel better.