Why us

Its India’s first Medical Gym where you exercise in Safe Hands of Physiotherapists!


Our Forte – Our Methodology

Once you join us as a new member, you receive a 45 minute induction, which includes your Fitness Assessment (Exercise Tolerance Test), detailed Body Mass Analysis and entire medical history if any.The Physiotherapist fills your RECORD CARD which has all the details of your Exercise History, Fitness Assesment, Exercise Program & Red Box (showing any health condition you may be suffering from).

Depending on your needs, we can recommend programs to lose Weight, get fit for Sport, build Cardio Fitness, Strengthen Muscles, build Heart Health or even get Fit for the first time.

Your Physiotherapist works with you to assess which program best suits your needs, and then provides a hands on demonstration through the 7 days Orientation Week, which helps you to get a grip on the use of all the equipments & the basic exercise program!

Your Customized Exercise Program is updated & revised every month according to the results you get!

A scientific, easy to follow customized nutrition plan is also formed in this orientation week, which is revised every month.

Free Assessment:

We provide free monthly assessments so you can keep track of improvements in your health & fitness such as body weight , resting heart rate, BMR, % body fat and exercise tolerance.

Your Safety is our concern

If you’re ever unsure about how to use the equipment or need help with an exercise, our friendly team is always on hand. Professional expertize is available on the gym floor at all times to help out, so that you are never doing exercise in a wrong way which could damage your Joint, Muscles & Cardiovascular System.

Health Events:

At Mission Health, your overall health & not just fitness is our prime concern. Hence we celebrate different days to make our members aware and alert about their health & chose healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family. We celebrate different fruit & vegetable days regularly, strongly recommending healthy lifestyle to all.
(go to events to get a glimpse of it)