Weight Gain Program

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), forms an important part of an individual’s healthy life. But a very high BMR may be responsible for reduced fat gain, leading to underweight individuals. The key to possess a perfect weight is an ideal and balanced BMR. Exercise, here plays a defining role not only is toning but also structuring and building adequate lean mass, and also helps balancing the BMR.

At Mission Health, an underweight or an individual who wishes to increase his body weight has to initially undergo a Fitness Test and a Complete Body Mass Analysis. Through BMA, We tend to identify the area of improvements and then formulate a nutritional and exercise protocol accordingly. For an example, lack of adequate lean mass, fat percentage, water etc. would be corrected scientifically with the help of Physiotherapist & Nutrition experts, leading to significant Weight Gain Programs, as lean individuals.

Postural Re-education also is an important part of Weight Gain Programs ,as lean individuals often present with bad postures leading to personality issues and disturbed body language.