Pulmonary Rehabilitation

When you have a problem in your lungs, you find it difficult to live your normal daily life without getting breathless or tired. You may also find that you lack energy, feel fatigued and often get tired and exhausted. Here comes the definitive role of Pulmonary Rehabilitation which is designed to help you counter your breathlessness and feel stronger, better and fitter at the same time.

This is a very new concept in the field of medicine & has least awareness amongst the Medical & General Community. To your surprise Physiotherapy can be tremendously helpful to those breathless people suffering from different Lung diseases like Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis, Interstitial lung Diseases, Occupational Lung diseases, Lung surgeries etc.

Patients exercise with constant Sp02 monitoring to ensure safe level of oxygen during exercise.

The unique combination of Aerobic Exercise Conditioning & Inspiratory Muscle Training gives amazing results in these patients. The program also includes Nutritional Counseling, Patient & Family education about the disease management, Energy Conservation Techniques, Breathing Strategies & Psychological Counseling. Beauty of Pulmonary Rehab is such that most people who underwent Pulmonary Rehab course at Mission Health, who could not walk even few steps due to breathlessness, could now carry out his functional activities comfortably due to increase in Exercise Tolerance & many other benefits, thus magically improving the quality of life.