Personal Physiotherapist

Are you suffering from Back Pain, Knee Pain, had a Sports Injury, etc. and still want to loose weight?

You wonder what to do?

It might seem a bit difficult thinking about losing weight or building a toned physique with the pain but the answer to your question is Mission Health’s Personal Physiotherapist Guided Exercise Sessions.

At Mission Health you have an added facility where in you can have a Personal Physiotherapist (PP) by your side from the time you come, till the time you finish your exercises.

To have a specialist besides you when you exercise is a big boost, ensuring not only optimum safety but also fast and effective results.

Each activity in such case is planned and documented. For instance, if you have High Blood Pressure or if you are an Obese, your pre and post values are noted for regular references.

You have a nutritionist at your disposal every week for your nutrition follow up , who would ensure that your food is power packed with all the essential nutrients.

The Physiotherapist is entitled to be at your disposal for your timely exercises, constant corrections, motivation, etc.

Physiotherapist Guided Exercise Sessions are golden sessions, of which he is sure to make his presence, both felt and count.