People in general have an idea that Physiotherapy helps only Post-Fracture, Post-Paralysis, Knee & Shoulder Pain, but to your surprise Physiotherapy has a role in wide & varied conditions like Heart Diseases, High BP, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Asthma, Infertility, Menopause, Obesity etc., broadly classifying the terms Cardio-Pulmonary Conditioning, Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation, Weight loss & Wellness Programs. It’s an unique combination of Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management & Lifestyle Modification.

We feel proud to state that we are the first people to revolutionize the Fitness and Rehabilitation field. We run India’s first ever Metabolic Clinic – “Medical Gym ” which means people of any age group from 7-90 years , can exercise under the observation of Specialized Physiotherapists.

We have a fully equipped Medical Gym with all latest & safe Cardio Equipments, Strength Studio, and Free Motion Studio with allied Mind Body Studio for Yoga , Pranayama and Meditation. The entire area is centralized with Wireless ECG Monitoring System.
Our intention behind this launch is Scientific, Safe and Individualized Exercise Program for everyone which is based on the proven principles of “Exercise Physiology”.

In Medical Gym,

Before advising any exercise to any individual, we carry out an Exercise Tolerance Assessment to know individual’s capacity to exercise. Based on this Assessment, an Individualized Exercise Program is formed. They are supposed to exercise according to their Individualized Program made by us, which is revised every month. This method helps maintain the body in a safe zone while exercising, thus preventing all injuries. Everyone is personally monitored & guided by a Physiotherapist. Every individual in the Medical Gym is an expert Physiotherapist to guide each and every client and there are no Trainers in our team.

The Exercise Program in Medical Gym is a unique combination of any of the following exercises.

Cardio Workouts

Flexibility / Stretching Workouts

50 Different Group Workouts

Internationally Renowned Unconventional Workouts

Free Motion Training

Yogasanas , Pranayama & Meditation