Orientation week
Know Everything about your Exercise Regime!

At Mission Health, this week is considered to be one of the most important phase of exercise & conditioning , after the assessment.

The importance of exercising Techniques, Postures, Ergonomics, Breathing, ideal Biomechanics etc. is thoroughly taught during this week. You are acquainted with the use of all the exercise equipments. You feel like an expert after this week.

Although, all your exercises are observed under specialist’s guidance everytime, nevertheless you still are aware about all the dos and donts of your exercise protocol.

As a result of this special week, endless injuries can be prevented. This way you achieve faster results in a better way.

Orientation week is an awesome communication guide between the Client and the Physiotherapist. You create a bond, chemistry and this makes your fitness journey even smoother and effective.

This week ensures optimum safety through Ergonomics so that you do not harm yourself in the long run.