Hypertension Rehabilitation

High Blood Pressure which is prevalent widely in India & globally may be a precursor of Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney failure etc. 1 /3rd of patients with this deadly High Blood Pressure in India don't know that they are suffering from High Blood Pressure!

This very wonderful concept of "Exercising the Hypertensives" with constant Blood Pressure & Heart Rate monitoring helps control the High Blood Pressure in addition to the medicines they are taking.

Evidence states that regular Cardiopulmonary Conditioning exercise provides a prudent first line of defense to treat mild to moderate Hypertension. Systolic & Diastolic BP can decrease by 6 to 10 mmhg in just one session with systematic, individualized & monitored Cardiopulmonary Conditioning. If this continues for 6-12 months, the set point of BP itself changes.

Here Exercise Intensity is a major consideration as even a brisk walking program may not provide a satisfactory stimulus to evoke a Hypotensive Effect!

The exercise program includes Cardiopulmonary Conditioning of specific intensity & duration, Pranayama, Nutrition & Life Style Modification.