Group X

Gone are the days when an individual enters the gym, puts on his running shoes, jogged on the treadmill, pumped some iron and left for the day. Variety is the spice of life. Stubborn body fat too refuses to leave the body with the same routine boring workout.

We beat this boredom in our “Free Motion Studio” with more than 15-20 different international GROUP EXERCISES (X). Ranging from Pranayama to Power Yoga and Dance to Body Combat, we have it all.

Have you ever thought that you can stay fit whilst having loads of fun? Well, in Mission Health Group X classes, we make sure that it happens! We have over 500 classes a month across our 4 centres!

It’s not a rocket science that your confidence is at the peak when you exercise in a group especially when the people around you share the same fitness levels and similar fitness goals.

At Mission Health, each group exercise session is pure fun. The time seems to just fly away. It’s hard to digest the fact that you have burnt considerable amount of calories just by having pure fun.

Providing maximum intensity and ultimate results, Mission Health Group X classes combines the close and individual attention of personal training with the motivation that comes from a group.

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Its easier than you think...!

We not only promote a healthy individual with a healthy body but also encourage a healthy mind through the social interaction and social bonding that develops through this shared and common platform. The support of a group motivates and helps in enhancing results. The group inspires and propels individuals to surpass Fitness Plateaus and workout with renewed energy and drive through group motivation and have fun while working out!

Power Yoga

The entire world talks about it. This entity does not require any introduction. Mission Health not only offers Yoga, but does it the scientific way. The world has witnessed the power of Yoga so, what’s stopping you?


Talk of the town, Pilates is a revolution in the field of Fitness. This very beautiful form of exercise not only tones your body but also develops your Core Stability. We have recently launched many variations in Advanced Pilates & various combinations with Pilates.

Aaja Nachle

Now dance your way to good health. Without even realizing, you would burn considerable amount of calories by the end of your exercising session.

Body Combat

Kick boxing the dancing style. Shape your legs and thighs to the beats of energetic music.


Do you wish to elevate your existing fitness level to an altogether different level? Then don’t wait. Come, test your fitness level with Adrenaline.


Shape your Abs, Buttocks & Thighs with some breath taking exercises under expert supervision. With some time and dedication, you can be an object of envy, soon enough.

Circuit Training

A sure fire BMR booster. One of the most widely accepted exercise concept in modern times. Cricketers, Athletes and other sports persons will vouch for it. It's a scientific sequence of exercises ensuring workouts from Head to Toe. There are lots of variations of Ciruit Training like Low Intensity Circuit for elderly and those with health problems, High Intensity Circuit for power workouts, Body Weight Circuit, etc.

Just Stretch

Flexibility is the need of the day. Everybody is aware about its importance. Lack of flexibility can cause tightness , giving rise to pain. At Mission Health we ensure you have an increased flexibility without compromising your posture.


Ever dreamt of that wash board abs? Are you envy looking at your neighbours’ flat abdomen? Don’t be anymore. We offer you a variety of abdominal exercises, not just crunches, that can Blast Off your Tummy Fat !


India is the birth place of Pranayama but are we sure we are practicing it the right way? It is so not the case. Ideally it should vary from individual to individual.

At Mission Health’s “Mind Body studio” we practice Pranayama, wherein every individual is prescribed Pranayaama according to his/her condition.

Body Pump

This power packed class will Sculpt, Tone and Strengthen your entire body fast ! Great Bodies are'nt born, they are engineered, by this breakthrough in Resistance Training. With loads of fun you will burn fat, gain strength and shape your entire body.