Diabetes Rehabilitation

Diabetes is the commonest "Silent Killer" which brings with it many other diseases. Monitored exercise has a proved role in preventing and managing this deadly disease. Immediate response to exercise is decrease in Blood Glucose Levels. Long term benefits are due to improved Insulin Sensitivity. Exercise not only helps manage it, but also highly reduces the complications occurring due to Diabetes.

The most favorite exercise among Diabetics is walking!
But is walking alone is sufficient for Diabetics?

No !

At Mission Health, when a patient comes to us for Diabetes Rehabilitation, we study his entire life style, metabolism, timing & effects of medications, dietary habits and associated conditions & based on that a life style modification and individualized exercise program is designed. It includes specific exercises to be done at a particular time according to one’s own metabolism which improves the Insulin Sensitivity & helps controlling Diabetes. The exercise Program includes both Cardiopulmonary Conditioning & Strength Training along with Pranayama, Nutritional Counseling, Education about disease and its possible complications, Protective Orthotics & Lifestyle Modification.

Our Physiotherapists are expertly qualified to prescribe exercises and provide treatment to help you manage your condition. They have a detailed understanding of the needs and limitations caused by Diabetes. Physiotherapists, with their knowledge of Physiology and Anatomy, can suggest specific exercises for people with coexisting complications, cautioning against certain movements that might be detrimental to their health. For an example, jogging will benefit a person with Diabetes but he may worsen his condition if he has Osteoarthritis.

A popular study carried out on a number of people revealed that a little weight loss for about 5 to 7 percent of your body weight with the help of good light exercises brought more than 50% reduction in the progression to diabetes almost similar to the benefit of the drug administered for Diabetes.

We also provide small-group, supervised exercise classes for people with certain chronic diseases. Group exercise provides a fun, social experience, along with appropriate exercises, all under close supervision by our Physiotherapist, which leads to metabolic improvements even in the absence of weight loss, helping people with Diabetes improve their quality of life, and contributes to overall control of Blood Glucose. The use of alternative therapies, such as Yoga, Pranayama can contribute to the achievement of optimal Cardiorespiratory health.

Most people with Diabetes suffer from musculoskeletal complications, which might include Frozen Shoulder, limited joint mobility, Diabetic Neuropathy that involves muscle wasting and weakening, especially in the thighs. In all these conditions, exercising under Physiotherapists plays a pivotal role in returning people to normal levels of health and well being.

We have been successful in many cases in reducing the medicine dose and even shifting patient from insulin to oral medications.

It demands strong commitment from patient's side to exercise specifically to control their Diabetes & prevent secondary complications.