Cardiac Rehabilitation

It’s an avenue mentioned since ages in Medical and Rehab literatures but hardly followed in India. Cardiac Rehabilitation also called Cardiac Rehab – is a customized program of Supervised Exercise & Education. It is designed to help patient recover from Heart Attack, other Heart Diseases or Heart Surgeries (Angioplasty, By-Pass Surgery). It is a journey of helping patient getting back to the pre disease quality of life – Physical, Mental & Social. It strengthens the heart, lungs, vasculature and muscles, prevents conditions from worsening and decreases the risk for future heart problems. It increases patient’s overall chances of survival.

Mission Health’s Cardiac Rehab department makes patients with Heart Diseases exercise under the supervision of Cardiac Physiotherapists. Supervised Exercise Program includes monitored, gradual Cardiac and Pulmonary Conditioning which starts with Interval Training progressing towards Continuous Training, Postural Correction, Breathing Exercises, Pranayama & Meditation, Nutritional Counseling & Life Style Modification.

It generally lasts for 3-6 months, but this program can be continued as long as required or liked.

Mission Health is the first in the country to centralize its surroundings with the wireless ECG monitoring System which means the ECG, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate of the patient undergoing Cardiac Rehab is constantly under the eagle eyes of Physios Specialized in Cardiac Physiotherapy.

Do you suffer from High Cholesterol?

Have you ever suffered from Heart Attack?

Have you undergone Angioplasty or By Pass Surgery?

If yes, then Cardiac Rehab is a necessity for You!