Bone Banking (Osteoparosis)

Women undergo numerous health scare once she achieves Menopause as the hormonal cycle is severely disturbed owing to the removal of estrogen. As a result, there is accumulation of fat and therefore there is a sudden weight gain leading to Obesity, reduced Bone Density leading to Osteoporosis, mood swings, heart disorders etc. It is thus advised that a woman after her 40s should exercise each day throughout her life.

Osteoporosis is a condition that starts occurring from the middle age causing all sorts of problems but it can definitely be prevented if there is awareness from the childhood itself.

Role of physical activity to prevent osteoporosis is based on an evidence that it can accelerate Osteoblastosis and minimize Osteoclastosis activity in the bones, thus help in maintaining bone health by accumulation of mineral. It also leads to strengthening muscles, improving balance, and thus reducing the overall risk of falls and fractures.

Positive impact of exercise in enhancing bone development and increasing BMD during childhood and adolescence and preventing Osteoporosis and fractures during old age has been proved by many clinical and experimental exercise studies.

Thus, the two key factors in preventing Osteoporosis are to:

1. Increase Peak Bone Mass that occurs prior to 20–30 years of age.
2. Decrease the rate of bone loss that occurs after the age of 40–50 years.

Mission Health has come up with a unique concept to protect the bones and joints in the old age called BONE BANKING. The chief goal of this exercise program is to remain Fit at 40, Strong at 60 & Independent at 80 years of age.

The Bone Banking Program begins in early childhood. The Bone Banking Program has 3 exercise groups:

1. Pre Puberscent Girls & Adolescent Girls
2. Middle age Women- (20-40/50 years)
3. Post-Menopausal Women (after 40-50 years)

The exercise program varies according to the age group. While High Impact Weight Bearing exercises & Suryanamaskar form a major part of exercise in young girls; the exercise program for menopausal ladies changes to Low Impact Weight Bearing Exercises, Strength Training, Circuit Training, Pranayama, etc.

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