Antenatal Program

It has been stated since our ancient times that child starts learning & perceiving things right from the time he is in the mother's womb, It's now proven too. It's said: "Healthy mother gives birth to healthy baby!"

The concept of exercising pregnant ladies was introduced in Ahmedabad before 7 years by Mission Health Team. Antenatal Physiotherapy is a specialty in itself.

So many variations in the workouts are there in the offering that we promise not to repeat the same workout in the respective week.

Pregnant ladies after 3rd month of their pregnancy are made to exercise under strict observation of Physiotherapist Specialized in Women's Health.

Safe & Scientific exercise program makes Pregnancy a pleasurable event, at the same time provides immense health related benefits.

They exercise till last month of their Pregnancy. The exercises are individualized and change according to the trimester of Pregnancy. The program begins with a discussion on Physiological Changes during Pregnancy & ends with a unique session of Labor rehearsal.

Pelvic Floor Exercises, Ergonomics, Cardio, Pilates, Strength Training, Pranayama & Yoga during Pregnancy form a major part of their exercise program.

Everyday we have around 50-60 mothers coming in our all set ups for their Antenatal Exercise Program !