3 - Way Fitness Assessment

The biggest question that tinkers your brain cells when you enter a gym is,

“What am I supposed to do?”

Believe us, when you know what you have to do, half of the battle is already won.

To ensure perfection, we at Mission Health conduct a 3- Way Fitness Assessment.

1)      Subjective Assessment

2)      The Exercise Tolerance Test

3)      Body Composition Analysis

Subjective Assessment

Here, the individual would verbally and subjectively answer all the questions regarding hisher health and fitness.

1)      Medical and Surgical History

2)      Personal History

3)      Exercise History

4)      Goals & Aims

The Exercise Tolerance Test

Here in we assess an individual’s Fitness Capacity.

The different aspects that we assess here are Power, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility , Endurance, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight, Measurements, etc., with the help of few Fitness Tests that we undertake at sub maximal level. This would give us a definite idea about one’s existing fitness level.

Body Composition Analysis

Your body constitutes of 5 major constituents namely Muscles, Fat, Water, Viscera & Bones. Imagine, if you have an estimate about your body’s fat percentage or reduced muscle mass?  It becomes even more scientific to achieve one’s goal keeping in mind body’s normal ranges.

More over BMA also enlightens you about your Body Mass Index & Basal Metabolic Rate.

Keeping in mind the assessment procedures, an effective and targeted fitness protocol is formed. A protocol that is easy to follow, yet result oriented and safe!

For Special Population like Cardiac, Pulmonary & Diabetic cases, Specific tests like ECG Monitoring, SpO2 Monitoring, Blood Glucose Monitoring is conducted and other necessary assessment is done.