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Our expertise in Physiotherapy Treatment, Rehab & Care is what draws patients across the globe, to us. We understand how important it is to have support while planning treatment and rehab away from home. It is always hard leaving your comfort zone and travelling to a different place and, that too, for specialized care. That is where our Global Patient Assistance team comes in. It provides a support system to patients travelling to Ahmedabad for treatment at Mission Health from anywhere in the world.

Patients travel from afar, often at great personal sacrifice, and with great hope on us for their recovery. We truly understand this and make all possible efforts to give you the desired results and comfort during your stay with us.

Whether a patient is coming in from another country, any state of India or any city of Gujarat, our Global Patient Assistance team helps you plan every step of your trip and customize a schedule which works best for you. Our team helps with your travel and stay arrangements, and also help overcome the language and culture barrier, if any. It assists you in ironing out the details of your trip, right from when to travel, airport pick-up & drop, Rehab Suites stay booking, session scheduling & even sightseeing of our happening city during your free time. They shall even provide you with a local SIM CARD on your arrival for easy communication during your stay. This ensures that the patient is relaxed & focused only on their treatment and recovery.

The team, essentially, becomes the point of contact with Mission Health and, provides you with assistance in any matter regarding your travel or stay.

The First Step

If you wish to receive treatment, care and rehab at Mission Health, the first step would be to put in an Enquiry with our Global Patient Assistance team. An advisor would then be assigned to your case, and he/she will contact you regarding your medical needs and also request a copy of your medical records. Please ensure that your medical records are complete with all relevant test results, x-rays, scans, etc. All your medical records will be reviewed by doctors at Mission Health. Following which, you will be contacted by the team with a recommended course of treatment and estimated days for the same.

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Gaurav Mehta

Director, Global Patient Assistance

Mr. Gaurav Mehta

+91 7600029090

Sagar Bhatla

Asst. Director, Global Patient Assistance

Dr. Sagar Bhatla,

+91 6356263562

The Walled City- Ahmedabad

Located in the state of Gujarat, India, the city of Ahmedabad is also referred to as the Walled City, owing to the numerous gates which surrounded the city’s outer circumference. Named India’s first World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2017, Ahmedabad is a city which boasts of several heritage sites.

Apart from its rich heritage, Ahmedabad has established itself as the entrepreneurial capital of Gujarat. A culturally vibrant city with many facets to indulge in, it is known for its hospitable vibe and yummy food. Touted to be one of safest cities in India, Ahmedabad offers a warm, secure environ to travellers. From venturing outside for long walks, shopping to hogging on street/restaurant food, sightseeing or interacting with locals, Ahmedabad never fails to capitivate!

Welcome to Ahmedabad!

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We place our patients/clients first. This is the motto which motivates us when they come to us for help. We believe in delivering ultimate Physiotherapy, Fitness & Rehab services, which are result-oriented. Excellence is our Attitude and we constantly strive to achieve these.

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