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One of the many things which make us humans is the fact that we are doomed. There will come a time in all our lives, when we leave this Earth. Therefore, ageing is an inevitable part of our lives, which comes with its share of difficulties and unsettling hurdles. Over the course of our lives, many physiological, psychological, emotional changes take place, which determine the level of our body function and wellbeing.

Geriatric population generally have many issues like imbalance, joint pains, frequent falls, depression, cognitive impairments, vision, hearing and speech difficulties. In order to combat the symptoms of advancing age, Mission Health offers rehabilitation for Geriatric patients. It not only improves functional independence, but is also imperative for overall wellbeing.

Exercises for Prevention of Joint Pains & Muscle Weakness, Balance Training, Cardiopulmonary Conditioning, Nutrition, Ergonomics, Lifestyle Modification, Pranayama & Meditation, are important components of Geriatrics Rehabilitation. Proprioceptive Training for fall prevention and promoting maximum functional independence is the prime component Geriatric Rehabilitation.

A concept called the ‘Dada Dadi Club’ has been introduced for the first time in India by Mission Health. The idea behind the initiative was to encourage the elderly men and women to stay active, exercise and socialize. In addition to having health benefits, the club also acts as a socialising platform for the elderly and may prove to be relaxing and refreshing. The innovative Geriatric Rehab offered at Mission Health is designed for all the dadas and dadis out there who wish to become more energetic and healthy

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