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Super Speciality Foot Clinic

The Foot and Lowerlimb Biomechanics Clinic

It is said that a solid foundation is needed to make something sturdy and long-lasting. The same goes for the human body. The feet are the base of human anatomy with several functions such as first contact and support, propelling the body, accommodating uneven terrain, as well as, absorbing shock.

One of the most undermined parts of the human body, the human foot was originally designed to walk on natural surfaces like sand and earth. The advent of concrete roads, uneven and hard surfaces in the modern world have caused rampant wear and tear to our feet. This ‘loss of our footprint’ has resulted in the development of foot deviations, pain and injuries. These biomechanical difficulties can be commonly found in the general population, from children, elderly people to professional athletes or sportspersons.

Common Conditions of Foot Pain:

  Plantar Fasciitis

  Achilles Tendonitis


  Calcaneal Spur

  Pes Planus – Flat Feet

  Pes Cavus- High Arched Feet

  Tibial Stress Syndrome

  Hallux Abducto Valgus

  Corns and Calluses

The Mission Health Foot Clinic strives to eliminate the root cause rather than symptoms of any foot pain, injury or deviations. Experiencing discomfort while walking, standing or performing any activity requiring the use of feet, can be an indication of a greater problem. The Foot Clinic helps reduce pain with the help of advanced electrotherapeutic modalities like Non- Surgical LASER Therapy, Shock Wave Therapy and muscle re-education exercises.

For preventing the reoccurrence of symptoms, we correct the Foot Biomechanical abnormalities & realign the Lower Limbs to its natural angle by prescribing customized corrective Orthotic insoles & footwear with as small as 2mm correction and provide guidance to patients seeking to remedy their Foot problems.

Get your feet Scanned and Print Customized Insoles with unique Foot Technology from Finland.

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