Because legs do not speak Workshop
This is a workshop targetting those silent Vascular Problems which starts with a whisper and ends with a scream! Restless Legs Syndrome, Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Lymphodema, Arterial Disorders, etc. are addressed in this 1 hour workshop, briefing about the cause, nature, prevention, treatment options, exercise protocols & ergonomics for these vascular conditions; as Prevention is the best CURE in this conditions. Very important for people who have to sit and stand for long hours, who travel frequently, obese individuals, every housewife, teachers, professors, women after pregnancy and menopause.
Metabolic workshop
The New World Disorder "Metabolic X Syndrome" is taking a toll on everyone's health, spreading in the society like a Tsunami. It's a sequential combination of Obesity, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, High Blood Pressure & Heart Diseases! This workshop aims at opening eyes against this morbid disorder and preventing it or treating it right from the onset with scientific exercise, nutrition, stress management and lifestyle modification. Never before unfolded aspects of Cardiac Rehabilitation (Post By Pass Surgery & Post Angioplasty) & Pulmonary Rehabilitation ( Lung Diseases ) are discussed in details in this workshop. Exercise is a very important aspect of life, but what is the right way to exercise? There are lots of fitness & yoga centers cropping everywhere, creating lots of orthopedic injuries in the society. Myths and facts of exercise, wrong practices prevalent in the market, customization of exercise plan and exercise variations for 7 year old to 70 year old are discussed in details in this workshop. With its light and humorous ways, it a great hit amongst people, making sure that they start taking their health seriously!
Bone banking Workshop
According to WHO, Osteoporosis is a ticking time bomb! Bone Health is a neglected aspect in the society, considered only when the problem worsens. Rightly termed as "Bone Banking", this workshop is a guideline towards building healthy & strong bones in young girls (7-14 years), middle aged women & post-menopausal women. In the age group of 7-14 years, bones have maximum Osteoblastic activity (new bone formation), which can be enhanced with the help of specific individualized exercise protocols. This is clubbed with safe levels of flexibility, yoga, pranayama and balanced nutrition. This workshop is like an investment, as they can reap the benefits in the later menopausal age, when bones start losing their strength because of maximum Osteoclastic activity (Bone Breakdown). Contrary to this, in middle age and post-menopausal age group, bone density may not increase but can be definitely maintained with specialized exercise and nutrition, which can help minimize the osteoclastic activity. This workshop can help diffuse the time bomb called "Osteoporosis".
Just Relax Workshop
Think of a life without Stress. Unimaginable, isn't it? Right from the time you get up, till the time you sleep, there are countless stivations that would make you want to tear your hair down. There is just no escaping stress, right? Mission Health 's workshop "Just Relax" (mind body balance) is an answer to this situation. It would enable you to fight stress with ease. It helps you stay calm, focussed, concentrate and stay away from stress related disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, depression etc. This one of a kind workshop, is not just about theory but in contrast deals majorly with practical demonstrations. Pranayama, Relaxation Techniques, Meditation, Breathing exercises are few of the aspects that would be thoroughly dealt with. So now fighting stress is no more an impossible dream.
The Professional Workshop
The workshop aims at creating a healthy work environment & motivated professionals whose every step is for organizational development. It opens up the secrets of being a True Professional, working on developing three qualities of a True Professional - a) The ability to work unsupervised, b) The ability to certify completion of a job or a task, c) The ability to behave with integrity at all the times. Having such professionals in a team is ultimately going to benefit the company/organization by increasing work efficiency and productivity. A good add upon workshop which can gel up with other workshops.