Mr. C. P. Gurnani - Mahindra Satyam
The Ergonomics Workshop by Mission Health is an eye opener for the IT Professionals. Its like "User Manual of Human Body "as rightly named by Mission Health Team, which helps these professionals to fight with Work Related/ Computer Related Injuries. We had organized the same workshop for Tech Mahindra, Pune and the feedback was amazing. I strongly recommend IT companies to arrange such workshops for betterment of employee's health. Congratulations to Mission Health team on completing 1200 plus Ergonomics Group Workshops for more than 5,00,000 people.
Mr. Atul Karwal , Joint Commissioner of Police , Ahmedabad
Considering the kind of duties Policemen perform, postural abnormalities cause health issues such as Back Pain, Knee Pain, Heel Pain & Varicose Veins. Ahmedabad City Traffic Police had planned an intervention for preventing such incidences by organizing the Mission Health Ergonomics Workshop for 800 Traffic Policemen of Ahmedabad city. Similar workshop was organised for all Ofifcers of Gujarat State. I attended both the workshops and found that the delegates benefited a lot in understanding how they could prevent such problems and work towards rehabilitation, if already suffering. The workshop covered every minor aspect of one's life such as sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, driving, Exercise & leisure activities. I strongly recommend this workshop to people in such other occupations, who perform physically demanding duties.
Dr. Gautam N. Patel , Dental Surgeon , Ahmedabad
Great Workshop. After attending the Ergonomics workshop, I realised how important were those little things that I kept ignoring & ultimately ended up with severe Back Pain, Neck Pain & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Best of all, I found the excellent solution to prevent further Back Pain episodes as well. It is surely going to improve my quality of life. I recommend this workshop to all doctors, surgeons, who are prone to these Work Related Injuries. Thanks to Dr. Aalap Shah & Mission Health Team.
Mr. Haresh Shah , VP - Finance with a Multinational Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ,USA
The Ergonomics Workshop by Mission Health helps reduce and eliminate Chronic Neck & Back Pain, and is essential for all people constantly sitting at a desk or in front of computers. The program teaches practical and simple ways to use the human body so that chronic injuries can be prevented. I strongly recommend all companies to have their employees attend this workshop. It would be great if the workshop is included in Employee Training Sessions.
Mr. Nirav Doshi , Senior Manager - Assurance and Advisory Business Services , Ernst & Young , DUBAI
I suffered from severe Neck Pain because of constant computer work and it was troubling me since 2 years. I tried many different treatment options for the same but nothing could stop my Neck Pain from recurring. Luckily in October ' 11, I got to attend Mission Health ERGONOMICS WORKSHOP in Dubai. I got deep insight on how to use my body and fight at work, without troubling neck pain disturbing me again and again. These are simple tips and exercises at work which makes the body fit to fight against Computers. I recommend this workhsop to all the professionals who have a sedentary work profile. Its an extremely knowledgable workshop. My wife was also with me in the workshop and she found it extremely useful for all housewives.