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I wish I could use my hand again! – this is the dream of all patients suffering from Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and other neurological conditions. Hands being the most functional part of human body, has large representation area in the human brain and its recovery is also time taking.

But with the launch of Arms & Hands Ability Clinic its now possible, as latest technologies has opened up previously existing limitations and allows optimal exploration of Neuroplasticity, thus paving way for fastest recovery, once though impossible.

The Arms and Hands Ability Clinic is designed to focus on improving the function of arms, hands & fingers. It houses latest therapeutic technologies like Arm Robot – The Armeo Spring, Hand Robot – The Hope of Hand, Functional Electrical Stimulation, EMG-Biofeedback & other assistive technologies along with detailed and customized hands-on rehab protocols.

Exercise Protocols are directed towards improving fine motor functions, grip training and strengthening, shoulder, elbow strengthening and coordination, trunk control all aiming to enhance hand function & movement.

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We place our patients/clients first. This is the motto which motivates us when they come to us for help. We believe in delivering ultimate Physiotherapy, Fitness & Rehab services, which are result-oriented. Excellence is our Attitude and we constantly strive to achieve these.

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