Have you ever experienced or felt the warmth of your own house? This is how you would feel once you step on the premises of Mission Health. It is a home away from home. This place was deliberately built with the bricks of love, care, safety and comfort. Not once would you feel that you have come to an unknown destination. This homely conceptualized health hub was made keeping in mind everyone's requirement i.e. from safety, age, taste, greenery, variety, innovations etc.

At Mission Health your health is our concern and therefore the base of the building is made with the cement of safety and precision. Every step you take or every move you make would be under the eagle eye supervision of a specialist. Ever wondered how it feels to be walking under a roof with the technology boasting of centralized wireless ECG?

Ours is the only private Multispecialty Physiotherapy Center in India spread across huge areas. Our specially designed Conference rooms have witnessed several informative and innovative Academic Sessions, Evidence Based Researches, Team discussions, Workshops and countless Seminars.

Deliberately chosen and Located on the 4th / 5th floor ensures pleasant view from an open terrace surrounded by greenery and soothing music, where exercising amidst nature makes it an even more pleasurable event. The waiting relatives accompanying the patients enjoy their wait at all the centers as we have a Library cum Health Cafe where they can read along with health drinks & snacks.