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Early mobility and verticalization is the key to successful recovery for patients suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Neuropathies and various other neurological conditions.

To make this possible, we have launched India’s first Ability Clinic, to enhance ability and fastest possible recovery of patients diagnosed with various neurological conditions.

Mission Health Ability Clinic is loaded with best combination of most advanced Neuro Rehabilitation Technologies and Robotics, first time in India. With the expertise of our experienced Neuro Physiotherapists and evidence based treatment protocols, we shall pave way for you to enhance your abilities to fastest possible peak & together shall celebrate each milestone of your advancing abilities at Mission Health.

Rewiring your Brain & Nervous System at Mission Health Ability Clinic, thus making Neuroplasticity work for you. Ability Clinic concept has changed the face of Neuro Rehabilitation in India.

Ability Clinics
at Mission Health:

Legs & Walking Ability Clinic

The Legs & Walking Ability Clinic is designed for patients suffering from neurological conditions affecting lower-body function due to brain or spinal cord injury and diseases of the nerves, muscles and bones. Our expert team of Neuro Physiotherapists work on enhancing trunk, pelvic, leg function, movement & balance, all targeted to make the patient achieve ability to walk again.

We apply latest and evidence based protocols in the Legs & Walking Ability Clinic which encompasses application of newest rehab technologies, robotics, hands on neuro rehab, orthotics, pharmacology & other treatments specific to neurological conditions- which all together work towards the fastest possible and miraculous results in movement and function which enhances standing & walking ability of patients.

Ability Clinic concept has changed the face of Neuro Rehabilitation in India. You will find the latest technologies like Neurotreadmill with Harness, Leg Robot – The Lokomat and other top notch technologies required for your recovery.

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Arms & Hands Ability Clinic

I wish I could use my hand again! – this is the dream of all patients suffering from Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and other neurological conditions. Hands being the most functional part of human body, has large representation area in the human brain and its recovery is also time taking.

But with the launch of Arms & Hands Ability Clinic its now possible, as latest technologies has opened up previously existing limitations and allows optimal exploration of Neuroplasticity, thus paving way for fastest recovery, once though impossible.

The Arms and Hands Ability Clinic is designed to focus on improving the function of arms, hands & fingers. It houses latest therapeutic technologies like Arm Robot – The Armeo Spring, Hand Robot – The Hope of Hand, Functional Electrical Stimulation, EMG-Biofeedback & other assistive technologies along with detailed and customized hands-on rehab protocols.

Exercise Protocols are directed towards improving fine motor functions, grip training and strengthening, shoulder, elbow strengthening and coordination, trunk control all aiming to enhance hand function & movement.

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Think & Speak Ability Clinic

The major block for returning to normal life after stroke or head injury is reduced ability to speak, talk, think, & swallow. Other higher functions of the brain like memory, logical reasoning, perception, planning, decision making, etc. are also affected following disease or injury affecting the brain.

Patients often lose fundamental abilities that they need to reconnect with themselves, family, friends & professionals like ability to talk, listen, meaning of emotions or judging them, using gestures to convey thoughts & feelings, orientation to time, place, person etc.

All these are the major blocks on the road which leads to successful return to normal personal, social and professional life. At Think & Speak Ability Clinic, advanced therapeutic technologies and scientific sessions help you achieve these milestones of ability.

Neurologic Conditions affecting the brain also affects oromotor structures like muscles of jaw, tongue, lips, larynx (voice box) which are used in speaking, breathing, eating, chewing, swallowing & articulation.

Think & Speak Ability Clinic is focused on recovery of patients with the most severe conditions affecting the fundamental functions of the human brain like orientation, arousal, awareness, perception, information-processing and thinking, planning course of actions, communication, memory and learning.  

Patients suffering from these issues are put through vigorous therapeutic interventions by expert Speech Therapists, Psychologists & Special Educators. Think & Speak Ability Clinic is equipped with various technologies required in this area of rehabilitation to explore neuroplasticity, thus enhancing recovery of so very important functions crucial to living a normal life.

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Pediatric Ability Clinic

To bring back a kid with neurologic deficit to a normal life is a dream for any parent. They are ready to keep no stone unturned to see their child run, play and study like other normal kids.

Mission Health Pediatric Ability Clinic is designed to advance abilities of Kids & Teens suffering from Neurologic Conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Neuropathies, Hereditary Conditions like Familial Spastic Paraplegia, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, etc.

The Pediatric Ability Clinic is a separate department customized for young chaps and loaded with kid-sized version of rarest technologies like Pediatric Lower Extremity Robots, EMG - Biofeedback, Functional Electrical Stimulation & Virtual Reality along with unavoidable aspects of Speech, Vision & Cognitive Therapy. Treated by expert Pediatric Physiotherapists, the treatment protocols are individualized and designed to simulate play activities to achieve maximum co-operations during therapy sessions from the little ones!

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After thorough Neuro Rehabilitation in the Arms and Legs Ability Clinics, once patients have achieved a desirable motor and sensory outcome, they are referred to the Strength and Endurance Ability Clinic for further advancing their abilities and making them able to do what they love to do.

Strength & Endurance Ability Clinic (also called NEURO-GYM) is designed to work on improving the Cardiopulmonary Conditioning, Strength & Endurance, Flexibility & Fitness of these patients to facilitate challenging and complex motor activities like running, driving, sports, etc which require higher strength and coordination. It’s equipped with latest & state of art Cardio & Strength Technologies, Group Activities & Functional Training Zone, advanced Balance & Proprioceptive Rehabilitation on HUBER 360, Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama with a detailed focus on Nutrition.

Patients have their own set of goals and we help them achieve it to their maximum potential with advanced, customized and monitored yet fun giving protocols. It’s an achievement to see patients with neurologic deficits achieve this level of ability and our team at Mission Health strives for excellence in Rehabilitation.

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